Hello JV Families!!

This week our home game is on Thursday so we will be having our Pasta Party on Wednesday (4/4) on the pool deck right after practice at 6:30pm. The kids really enjoyed this last week and it helps build team spirit. Hopefully all the swimmers can make it and if not please be sure that what ever item you are assigned makes it to the pool deck by 6:15pm so that we have enough time to set up before the kids are out of the pool. Assignments are based on the first letter of you last name. If possible please label your dish as vegetarian as quite a few swimmers asked last week about that.

B-C Drinks
D-G Pasta
H-M Breadsticks, Roplls, Bread
N-R Salad
S-W Deserts

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!
Thank you,