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Swim & Dive

Banquet tickets sales are now closed

2024 Swim & Dive Registration

Please Use link Below to complete your registration for the 2024 Swim & Dive season. 

Boys Team pack $176

Girls Team Pack $198

The Registration "Swim & Dive" is not currently available.

Volunteer Sign Ups

It takes a village to run the swim & dive team and we cannot run the meets with out you. Please sign up here to volunteer! CLICK HERE!! 


2023 Swim and Dive Coaches

Michelle Ford, Varsity Coach


Dana Pride, JV Coach




The Registration "Swim & Dive" is not currently available.

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Order of swim meet Events

200 medley relay

200 freestyle

200 medley

50 freestyle

100 butterfly

100 freestyle

500 freestyle

200 freestyle relay

100 backstroke

100 breaststroke

400 freestyle relay


Help our AQUAShack

Welcome Swim and Dive families and friends to the 2023 Swim and Dive season!!

The AQUAShack runs solely on volunteers and your generous donations alone. Our snack bar is one of the best, if not THE best snack bars around and we take a lot of pride in that. It is also one of our best fundraisers that everyone can contribute to throughout the season.

But for our store to run smoothly and successfully, we need your help! We only sell what is being donated.

Please go through the list of items and sign up where you can. You can drop off your donations starting Monday, February 24, and every home game thereafter.

You may also email, text or call anytime to arrange a drop off or pick time that is convenient for you.

For questions, comments and suggestions, please feel free to email Rhonda

 I look forward to seeing you all at the pool deck!!

We need all the donations we can get!